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We specialise in all suburbs and areas, and in all styles of homes, apartments and commercial sales. At First Prestige Realty our philosophy is simple. We strive to extend our finest services at exceptional value for money to our clients.

We fully understand the family home or investment property are important family assets, both emotionally and financially and when making decisions to buy or sell, you can often be misguided into making incorrect decisions. Speak to anyone who has experienced the process of buying or selling Real Estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise!

So, in order to provide something different, in order to stand out and succeed, in order to be genuinely better, we have decided there’s only one thing for it.

We strive to provide all our clients and associates with an unparallel level of service; 'To deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations'; 'Disappointment is the difference between what a client expects and what the agent delivers'.

Buying or selling property - whether it’s a home, a factory, an office block, a shop or a development site - is primarily about keeping everyone informed and happy.

We will utilise the most sophisticated technology that will enable us to achieve our goals and meet the demands of our clients quickly and effectively.

The processes involve a keen knowledge of property values, real estate legislation and current and future trends. It requires swift decision making, intuition, patience and flair.

But, at the end of the deal, the most important factor is the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Satisfaction is only achieved through a process of amicable negotiation based on experience, courtesy, communication and respect.

By our providing the very best possible service every step of the way - and never accepting that it cannot be improved - we intend to maintain a position within the real estate market that makes us unbeatable.

We are very much aware that, unless our service is second to none, we’ll be the same as everyone else.


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